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Something you should see… Run to Run

Ever felt like all art is a one-direction monologue, asking nothing but brain freeze from its viewer? Artist Hannah Millest certainly has. Some time back she developed an interactive art piece that dragged the viewer out of its passive slumber and forced us back into the driving seat: the artwork, Run to Run, meant the viewer had some legwork to do to get some arty rewards. The concept is an interesting one and now Run to Run has developed from its humble beginnings into the size of an exhibition. All the work included requires the viewer to spring back to life and get involved. Every piece will have an element of interactive-ness: the viewer is the one that moves, rather than the image (but sometimes that does too). The viewer is required to ‘perform’ the artwork… if they want to see an animation of a bike, they best get on their bike, so to speak. It’s a real see, play touch event, unusual for an art exhibition but a recipe that always ends in a lot of laughs. The exhibition will take place at the cultural hub that is the Bussey Building in Peckham, well-known for its experimental evenings of dance, art and music. The exhibition runs over 3 evenings and is rounded off by a closing party on Tuesday 28th January. The exhibition is free to enter and is sure to be a fun filled evening… so may I suggest a sweatband and your best running spikes! (Words: Laura Thornley) Run to Run is on from January 26 – 28. For more info visit: IMG_5310

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