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Something you should see… Asha Zero: Numberrs exhibition at Pertwee, Anderson & Gold

Asha Zero numbers

Since Asha Zero’s solo debut in 2008, this ‘former teenage skatepunk’  from South Africa has caught the attention of art collectors worldwide with his distinct works on contemporary urban culture. Zero’s style – which at first glance appears very similar to collages of the modernist and Dadaist traditions –  is anything but. What you see is a photorealistic painting of a collage – and down to the last tear, rip, fold and scribble, the entire composition has been painted by hand. His first London exhibition in Soho features 15 new labour intensive works to marvel at.

Asha Zero numbers

Zero’s work samples images from the mass media with hints of the urban street culture of his skateboarding days in the city of Kempton Park, SA. It’s this daily information overload of newspaper headlines, posters, print ads, fashion spreads, music videos, stickers, album covers and street art that inform his trompe l’oeil compositions. That all of Zero’s previous exhibitions have sold out is a testament to his rising stock in the art world. Go see what all the fuss is about. (Words: Eri Otite)

Asha Zero: Numberrs is showing at Pertwee, Anderson & Gold, Bateman Street, W1D 3AQ from October 2 – October 23. For more info, visit


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