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Interior style: how I plan to brighten up my flat this summer

One of my New Year’s resolutions (remember those? ha!) was to sort out my flat, because it’s not everyday eating out and urban adventures. I genuinely enjoy chillaxing at home on the weekend, but when you’re lying on the couch, and start to notice the fading paint job from 2008, the nail varnish carpet stain you never managed to get out and a wardrobe that’s starting to lean like the Tower of Pisa, it gets you thinking: this spot could really do with a makeover. So this summer, I plan to spruce the place up, you know, give it a little je ne sais quoi. Here’s my little “mood board” of  interior design ideas  so far:

Super shelves

SJ Bookcase Large & Midi : Shelves by We Do Wood

One of the things I’ve always wanted in my space is proper shelves: for books, decorations, photo frames, plants, quirky ornaments, whatever. Storage space is practically non-existent in my home, so sticking stuff on the wall will be a great way to create more ‘visual’ room, at least.

Proper plants in gorgeous pots

Włoska donica Y-Pot : Plant pots & vases by TerraForm

I’ve got a fern I’ve managed to keep alive for a couple of years. But it’s a bit small. And boring. I wouldn’t mind a vibrant, statueque plant to pop in the corner of my room.

Hot cushions

Makati Cushion : Accessories & decoration by bococo

I’d like to get a heap of colourful cushions to brighten my gray sofa. Loving the Filipino-inspired design of this one.

Table décor

Copper Tea Light Holder : Accessories & decoration by The Den & Now

Copper tea light holders: strong look. I’ve got tea lights galore and these look like the perfect thing to house them in.

Lush flooring

Imperial Quartz : Carpets & rugs by Crown Floors

I live on the fourth floor of a Victorian house conversion, so when it comes to wooden floors, my landlord is having none of it. That means getting carpet, and having spilled everything under the sun on the Boring Beige I had installed about eight years ago, I’ve decided it’s got to go. But next time, I’m going for a darker shade (and enforcing a strict ‘no shoes in my yard’ policy).

And a sexy lampshade

Pot : Accessories & decoration by Webdecor

These truly speak for themselves. Beauts!

Got any good recommendations for interior design? Let me know in the comments! 


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