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Places in London… Hammersmith

Hammersmith The Cultural Exposé © Matilda Egere-Cooper

In a nutshell: Hammersmith looks like it’s all about the 9-5, with a number of major companies and venues (Coca-ColaDisneyHammersmith Apollo) imposing their gravitas on the central hub; therefore it can feel a bit commercial, which can overshadow the genuine Hammersmithians who you’ll find lurking around the ghetto-ish side roads or holding court in King’s Mall.

If you’ve got a couple of hours: Forget King Street – unless you’re visiting the innovative Lyric Theatre, and do the Hammersmith Riviera river walk instead. I was kind of shocked such a place exists; it seems idyllic (and romantic) on a quiet day too and has some well-recommended pubs and restaurants.

What else? There’s also the London Wetland Centre which is across the river and for those that are into their wildlife (not me, but possibly you) and lovers of arts and textiles will appreciate the William Morris Society museum on the Upper Mall.

Don’t Even: Come all the way to ‘Smith just for Primark and go back home again (I know you were thinking it).

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Do you live/work/play in Hammersmith and have any area recommendations? Leave your tips below in the comments section! 


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  • Well…go do the ghost lion lane, and thereabouts…a legal ca after the murder of the ghost that changed British law. Or go see the heart in the jar of wine at St. Paul’s (opposite Hammersmith oden-let’s stop the patience of this Apollo nonsense). The heart in the jar one of the great relics of the English civil war.. The Roundheads defeated local.. At turn ’em green, the heart cut from a dying body at the request of its owner, dedicated to the king forever. Primary my chutties… And I’m not sure about hammersmithonians … I’m a Bushbaby and proud !

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