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Three things I learned working out at Ministry Does Fitness

Ministry Does Fitness

Gone are the days when you’d have no choice but to sweat it out in a DEAD gym in London (and by that I mean a space with no vibe, dry tunes and most certainly no post-workout protein shakes). Fancy gyms are still on the up and the latest contender is Ministry Does Fitness – a  slick studio from the legendary Ministry of Sound nightclub. I was fortunate to try out one of their classes last week and here’s three things I learned:

  • Attending a gym is the new going out – FACT. Those who are serious about their fitness game know this already, but Ministry Does Fitness has made it official. It’s got a bar that serves cocktails, a disco ball in the studio and the space doesn’t lock off until 11pm at the weekends. All MDF need to do is some late night classes and seriously, it’ll be game over.

  • I’ve fallen in love with circuit classes. I did a cardio session with Mel and it involved doing everything from kettlebell swings to treadmill sprints – and I was completely here for it.

  • More clubs should open fitness studios. It’s a complete no brainer. The tunes at MDF were brilliant  – and dancing is cardio after all!

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