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Something you should see… The Forgiveness of Blood

The Forgiveness of Blood is about revenge, tradition, pride and blood feuds- yes, actual blood feuds- and contrary to what you’re probably thinking, no it isn’t set in the middle ages, but rather in present day Albania. The story follows Nik and Rudina, a brother and sister whose lives are transformed by an escalating land dispute between their father and a neighbour.

When their father is accused of murder, Nik’s life becomes forfeit under the rules of the Kanun, a centuries old code which in modern-day, northern Albania is considered above the law. Nik is forced to live under a kind of house arrest and risks being shot in revenge for his father’s crime if he wanders outside. Meanwhile, Rudina has to leave school and take over her father’s business to support the family; a task which she flourishes at.

Director Joshua Marston excels at conveying Nik’s frustration and you’re left to wonder what he will risk in order to take his life back from the hands of the stubborn, proud men who took it from him – and it’s that sort of drama that makes this worth watching.   (Words: Beth Downey)

Out June 1st.

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