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Something you should see… The Suit

Living in London, it’s rare that you feel you’re missing out. Occasionally, you may just wish you were somewhere else, like when your favourite band is on a tour that forgot to include the capital, or when there’s a world-class exhibition happening on the other side of the Atlantic which has no intention of transferring. Thankfully, that feeling is rare;  indeed the mountain comes to Mohammed quite a lot.

That’s especially true with theatre: case in point – The Suit. After receiving rave reviews for its run in Paris’s Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, acclaimed theatre director Peter Brooks is bringing his highly anticipated musical version of Can Themba’s short story to be performed at Young Vic as part of the World Stages season.

Set against the backdrop of apartheid in 1950s South Africa, The Suit revolves around the story of a young man who finds his wife in bed with her lover. The lover flees, leaving behind only his suit but instead of inflicting a normal punishment, the husband decides upon an unusual course of revenge; the suit must be treated as if it were an honoured guest – taken for walks, fed at the dinner table, entertained. Its presence serves as a daily reminder of the wife’s betrayal and shame, but the outcome of this treatment is one that will have the audience questioning sacred notions of cruelty and oppression. Definitely one to watch. (Words: Jane Duru)

The Suit runs at the Young Vic, 26 May – 16 June. For more info:

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