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Somewhere you should go… Moniker Art Fair

Moniker Art Fair

You may have noticed the wealth of art events currently on offer this autumn. Internationally relevant events are popping up everywhere, creating an artistic pile up somewhere around Warren Street. While the rest of the madding crowd are taking in the mainstream fodder, hows about checking out a contemporary alternative that places itself in direct opposition to it all? Running over October 11-14 (Frieze art fair weekend!) the Moniker Art Fair represents the urban art that the contemporary scene often forgets.

Moniker Art Fair

Housed in the Village Underground, (the art space off Great Eastern Street, crowned by a tube carriage) the fair is in its third year and is gaining even more momentum. It is an installation-only event this time and gives contributors the opportunity to create work that goes beyond their usual practice. Artists include Ludo, the French collage artist concerned with nature and violence, American artist Casey who works in acrylic spray paint; and London artist Greg Gossel who composes text and pop imagery to create new meanings. Street art galleries from around the world are attending also, including White Walls of San Francisco and Rook and Raven from London. Banksy may have caught the art world’s attention with his highly politicized, urban art a few years back but he isn’t the only that deserves attention by the looks of this fair.  (Words: Laura Thornley)

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