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Something you should see…Laura Mugridge’s Running On Air

The new flick Bridesmaids has created quite a stir of late, particularly for the alpha males out there. You can hear them now: “Women?? Funny?? Do me a favour!”. Well, I can tell you that a) I am female and b) I have more knock-knock jokes up my sleeve than you can shake a stick at, so put that in your pipe and smoke it!

But if you still teetering on the fence and maybe need more convincing that the fairer sex can make you chortle, then comedienne Laura Mugridge’s unusual site-specific show could tip the scales. Performed in the back of a VW van called Joni to an audience of just 5 (!), Mugridge takes us on an inventive journey through her life experiences. She is literally driving the bright yellow V Dub around the country to do the performances and is making a stop down in Camden for us Londoners. She has been on the road since April, racking up quite a few stories along the way – and not only has she received rave reviews so far,  she also won the Fringe First Award in 2010 – s0, who runs the world? GIRLS! (Words: Laura Thornley)

The show runs from 1 -7 July 2011 at Camden People’s Theatre. For more info, click here to visit the website.


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