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Something you should see…Kevin Morosky’s “Six” exhibition, Orange Dot Gallery

I might be a digital junkie, but much honour is due to any ‘tog committed to 35mm film and the arguably old-school process of image making. In that way, Kevin Morosky’s shots feel sorta nostalgic, but his subjects are modern and youthful, and his keen eye for documenting life has earned him enviable spots in rags like Dazed & Confused, Vice, Attitude and RWD.

Marques Toliver


So, I was pretty pleased to hear his best work has now been brought together for a month-ish long exhibition at The Orange Dot Gallery. “Six” explores the legendary separation theory (“The idea that we are so closely connected is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard,” he gushes) and offers up some hot snaps to gawk at, in their certifiably cool glory. The private view with special guests performers + such is a roadblock, but there’s plenty of time to see Mr Morosky’s work from June 9th until the 30th. Unmissable, really.   (Words: Matilda Egere-Cooper)

For more info, click here to visit the Orange Dot Gallery website.


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