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Something you should do…London Fashion Week

Disclaimer people: TCé are not the biggest brainiacs when it comes to exhalting the finer points of fashion (seek out the dope Five Five Fabulous for that), but we know great garms when we see them – particularly the ones that can strike a balance between creativity, technicality and art, which we can wear without coming across too tryhard, knowwhatimsaying? So this weekend, TCé is getting into as much LFW as possible to learn and report on lovely collections and trends before returning to our regularly scheduled recommendations on Monday. We’ll be passing through Elliott J Frieze’s show on Saturday afternoon, while our ACF Gallery friends have invited the crew to hit up a few of the designer’s after-parties on the night. As for Sunday, we’ll be tweeting live and direct from the Fjaba catwalk and later, the A La Mode show, featuring collections from the hottest independent designers. There’s still tickets available for the Mode show (find details here) and if you want to see what the celebrity designers are getting up to, check out LFW’s Live Stream here for frequent updates from the comfort of your sofa (saves finding something to wear, right? ;-)(Words: Matilda Egere-Cooper)



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