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Bike repairs, languages and DIY – life skills I’d like to develop in 2016

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I recently wrote a blog for Time Out about the eight life skills Londoners might want to learn in this sparkling New Year. Bt if I could narrow it down to my top 3, it’d be bike repairs, languages and DIY. The sad thing is, I’ve dabbled in all of these, of which my DIY game is probably the most on point. I own an electric saw (I once put down my own floorboards in my studio flat, check me) and can paint a room or build some Ikea furniture like a boss. But imagine being able to build a cupboard or a coffee table from scratch? That’s what I want to learn!

As for the others, I took a 12 week Level 1 French language course about four years ago and I can’t even remember what we covered (where was that French friend when I needed them?). And I’ve had way too many tire punctures to not know how to fix one already. So I’m hoping 2016 is the year I can get my act together and give these skills a good polish.

What about you? Are there any life skills you’d like to learn or develop this year? Or do you have any suggestions for learning bike repairs, French or DIY in London? Leave a comment! 


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