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Metropolitans: Amartey Golding, artist

I was…born in London, and lived all over the city, from Hackney, Highgate, Tottenham to Richmond.

 The area in London I call home is… anywhere that there are like-minded individuals. At the moment I’m living in Streatham, but I call the whole city home. Each borough is like a different member of the family. They all have their different personalities, and some get on your nerves sometimes, but you love them all because they have all contributed to you. So you could say at the moment I’m staying with aunty Streatham…

 I’ve got to have a meal at…Food For Thought near Neal’s Yard, just off Covent Garden – it serves beautiful vegetarian food. It’s healthy and organic but it’s small and I can’t afford to go all the time – but definitely worth it.

 I tend to get my threads from…I  keep clothes for years so I don’t often buy new attire. Most of my clothes tend to be from different places like the market, friends and guess the odd T-shirt from Topman, but, I try to keep away from chain stores – I think it’s good to promote independent businesses. Dalston Market is particularly good for some bits and bobs and you can generally find a few independent businesses around East London. Camden is also an experience, and although some of the clothes aren’t to everyone’s taste, you can get some great stuff in the market if you look hard enough.

 To enjoy London’s nightlife, you should…Try to look for live music events as we have great bands in London. Live jazz nights on the weekend in Clapham North are always good. There’s also a great salsa bar in Streatham just opposite Streatham rail station. It just depends on what your flavour is. But, I think you would be silly to miss out on our talented live music scene. Brixton also has plenty to say on that front.

If I was mayor I would set up weekly friendly football and
volleyball matches between the police and the community to
build stronger bonds and relationships


If I was mayor…I wouldn’t know where to start! London is a great place but I think if the right things were nurtured it would be out of this world. Transport is extortionate and the prices are set to rise again…so I would try to sort that out. I would also set up Pat-Ball walls all across London so the kids could get used to being constructive and active outside. I remember when I was younger all the kids spent hours playing pat-ball, we were having fun and getting exercise, so when we went home we had our dinner and went straight to bed…It’s a parents dream! Furthermore, I would set up weekly friendly football and volleyball matches between the police and the community to build stronger bonds and relationships.

 My favorite spot to check out art is…Wherever there is a good exhibition. East London has an open gallery night each month, which is a great opportunity to check out loads of galleries.

 I’d kindly tell a tourist to…buy an umbrella

 The things I miss when I leave London are…the people I leave behind.

 My soundtrack to London would include…

Smiley Culture’s Cockney Translation – it’s a great reflection of the humour and racial diversity of London.

 Vindaloo (the World Cup anthem) – because it’s so London…good old days.

And any Corrine Bailey Rae song – for a day chilling in the park with the missus or close friends.

Check out Amartey’s artwork at: (Interview: Monique Todd) 


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