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Somewhere you should go… Wilfred Bagshaw’s Time Emporium

Time Emporium

If you could go back in time to any place in any era, where would you go? This age-old question will stir even the most wearisome, dragging conversations into motion: all of us seem to have strong opinions about our imagined historical hotspots. But for all of the times this question has been raised, I doubt any notable percentage of the responses was: ‘Oh, fourteenth century England … yes, without a doubt, fourteenth century England’. Rats, revolts and ravaging wars, and the Black Death sweeping the country with its horrible scythe? Not altogether appealing. But anyone who collected Horrible Histories scratch’n’sniff stickers in their childhood must surely harbour a secret desire to experience the deep dark Middle Ages. Now you can. Wilfred Bagshaw’s Time Emporium promises to transport participants back to the year 1381 as part of an immersive and interactive adventure. Reserve your tickets now to catch a trip thorough Bagshaw’s time portal which will open only briefly for two nights this month.

Time Emporium

The evening’s exploits are to begin at Village Underground in Shoreditch, where Wilfred Bagshaw will welcome you with open arms and details of the evening’s quest to find a mystery artefact. The night will unravel into an adventure to which you decide the outcome, set in the whirlwind of social and political turmoil of fourteenth century England. Following completion of the assignment, Bagshaw will treat his crusaders to a warehouse party with bands and DJs (joining you through the portal from the 21st century) playing until the early hours of the morning. From 11pm, revellers from today’s era can join the medievalites for the party only.

What are you waiting for? Ladies, don your finest imported Italian silks and wrap up in cat and squirrel stoles; guys hike up your breeches and fasten your cloaks tight. Gather together your ha’pannies, farthings and groats for a ticket through time. (Words: Florence Ritter)

Wilfred Bagshaw’s Time Emporium runs 22nd – 23rd March.  For more info, visit:



  • Wilfred Bagshaw’s Time Emporium After party: What a waste of time. Really poor, absolutely no effort in the deco, drinks,… highly UNrecommended

  • The whole think is a waste of time. It’s not immersive theatre, it’s a massive con. I’m stunned that someone has given in a good review.

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