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Somewhere you should go… True Stories Told Live

True Stories Told Live is a simple concept;  a group of strangers gather in a pub and share a true story from their life. So far, so normal. In fact, you might think this sounds like any other night out.  But there’s a difference.
First of all, there is a strict 10 minute time limit to each story (wafflers need not apply!). Secondly, no notes are allowed, ensuring people are willing to share their most personal and sincere  tales. And it can be on any topic, as long as it’s happened, and stories don’t have to be funny (but they often are!).
Past anecdotes have covered  brain surgery, spending time in prison, irish dancing, earthquakes, relationships and strangers on trains. To round things up, there’s also one speaker at each night that performs their story by singing (as you do!).
This isn’t an open mic night (so you can relax in the audience and not rack your brains for a story!), although many of the speakers haven’t told their story in public before. Some of the more experienced storytellers have referred to themselves as Bards however! (yes Bards do still exist allegedly, although it did conjure up images of a man in pantaloons strumming a lute in my mind).
Rumour has it that everybody has at least one true story about their life to be told, so if listening to others’ stories isn’t enough for you, maybe the microphone at True Stories Told Live awaits to tell your tale…. (Words: Clare Ebberson)
True Stories Told Live is held monthly at The Compass in Islington. Further information visit:


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