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Metropolitans: Femi Martin, writer/performer

I am…a born and bred Londoner, but about two years ago I fell in love with the city in a new way. We’re still in love.

The area in London I call home is…constantly changing. I’m from West London, but I live in North London now. I like living here more than I ever liked living in Chiswick, and that has come as a surprise to me.

I’ve got to have a meal at…The Hummingbird on Stroud Green Road. It’s a Trinidadian restaurant and take away. It’s been around for 30 odd years, and is quite an institution. I think it’s survived because the food is so delicious, in taste and in price.

I tend to get my threads from…random places. Boutiques, the high street, markets, and stealing/borrowing from my sister.

To enjoy London’s nightlife,  you should…see London life at night. London is gorgeous when it’s all lit up, and the lights bouncing off the river is a perfect backdrop for people watching. Just give me a bench on the Southbank and I’m content.

If I was mayor, I would…make travelling in London cheaper, and make the trains run until at least 3am.

My favourite spot to check out art is…hard to choose. I spent three years going back and forth between London and NY, and I thought the art scene there was better. In 2008 I decided to treat London like it was a foreign place and it was a revelation. There is so much art here, so much wonderful art, and so much of it is free. The Barbican is my favourite place in London, even if it’s just to sit in there and soak up the energy. Love it.

I’d kindly tell a tourist to…walk a little faster.

The things I miss when I leave London are…family and friends. I also miss walking in London; there are so many little side streets, endless opportunities to stumble upon something fantastic and new.

Finally, my soundtrack to London would include…for the cloudy days: Massive Attack’s ‘Live With Me’. For the sunny days: La Roux, ‘In For The Kill’. For any day: A Race of Angels,  The Main Attraction.

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