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Five Dope Tracks – The July 2017 Edit

Happy July everybody! You good? Everything straight? Your people okay? Nice. I’m FINE although I’m not satisfied with the few hours of summer we’ve had – and the little that came and went absolutely nuked the grass in the communal garden. Not cool.  It doesn’t help that I always consider July as the start of the steady descent to autumn – so I’m already thinking about what boots I’d like to rock soon (I’m thinking a suede Chelsea in maroon could be a cute look).

BUT –  as it’s supposedly still summer, I’ve gone for a late, balmy night at a rootop party vibe for the second edition of Five Dope Tracks. The theme I had mind was ‘nostalgia’, thanks to this brilliant artist from LA I recently came across called MarcLo. His throwback Neptunes style gets the playlist started this month, followed by the original R&B It girl Kelis, the inimitable Janet Jackson and Canada’s underrated neo-soul star Slakah the Beatchild. Q-Tip brings things home with a song from Kamaal the Abstract – the album he released in 2009 that nobody could quite get their heads around. But hey, I liked it.

Check out the playlist below – it’s currently on Spotify and Google Play – and if you like what you hear, feel free to share it, follow Five Dope Tracks on Twitter, send me a message, or leave a comment below!

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