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What we’ve been up to… Flavour Expats

Taking the supperclub out of the front room and into the public domain comes the mother of all pop-up competitions. Pitting the top supperclub chefs from around London against one another, Flavour Expats brings a whirlwind tour of the culinary world to the event space upstairs at Palm 2 in Clapton.

More than 10 countries will be represented in this battle of culinary heritage. Expats from around the globe including the Phillipines, Mauritius, Australia and Italy are in the mix and ready to lock horns over who or what makes their homeland gastronomy better than the rest.


A sneak peak pf the chef’s talents last month brought us tempura squid from Japan, Kangaroo pie and basil gelato, amongst much, much more. All chefs involved have run successful supperclubs in the front rooms of their fixed abode and have now been united under this umbrella event over the next two months. Chefs are paired for each night and diners are presented with six courses from each country: so make sure you come hungry. The cooking participants are passionate chefs keen to highlight their love of their country filled with a knowledge and enthusiasm that is contagious. Choosing your favourite will be no walk in the park, but you can certainly get stuffed trying! (Words: Laura Thornley)

The next Flavour Expats event takes place on 8th March (France VS Mauritius). For more info, visit:

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