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What we’ve been up to… Fields Bar and Kitchen

Before summer left the building (without even a goodbye, tut) we visited a great new opening, quite fitting for the season. Fields Bar and Kitchen is in the heart of Lincoln’s Inn Fields, and it’s a sweet getaway of a cafe for those who like their Italian tasty and simple.




Fields comes from the people behind Benugo and while it might be off the beaten track and close at sunset, they serve up an excellent range of wood-fired pizzas, salads,  pastries and ingredients to go. If you’re dining in, try the cornish lamb cutlets (a modest main for £14.50 but delicious all the same) or the open steak sandwich (£9.25) with a generous rocket and parmesan salad on the side (£4).  They also offer breakfasts until 11:30am, so  worth a visit if you’re in the Holborn area at the weekend and the sun decides to come out to play.

For more info, visit:


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