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Somewhere you should go… The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

There’s a real danger in using the term ‘secret bar’. Almost by letting the word pass your lips, you feel you’re slowly eroding the secrecy of things. Nevertheless a small but strong (and largely secret) movement of secret bars has gained momentum in recent times, the most distinguished of these being the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town.

So full of paradoxes, these little chestnuts are, that I don’t feel at liberty to review with the usual degree of forensic detail, for fear of denting the magic that lies in wait. Understandably a whole part of the fun to be had is the slow unveiling, the unwrapping of layers, as you make your way to the Mayor. It sits unassumingly underneath the Breakfast Club in Spitalfields and I wonder how much extra trade the neighbouring pub has received courtesy of those who failed to ask the right questions or gave up before even trying. Had it not been for my more educated guide, I may have very nearly been one of the latter.


I could pick out of some of the brighter stars from The Mayor’s cocktail menu constellation – the selection is well and good – but it comes into its own thanks its inventive bar staff. Affable to a tee, with just a few hints of how you like your favoured tipple, they can conjure you some distilled delight.

But there’s was great benefit of secret bars, that isn’t immediately obvious. Whilst the web is awash with a list of rooftop bars to have your afternoon drinks served with added vitamin D, anyone arriving after the masses clock off will be hard-pressed (really hard-pressed) to find space to breathe, let alone queue. And so, for those of us who prefer our air to our tan, maybe the secret bar is the perfect antidote to summer over-crowding? Tell that to the Mayor’s bar staff and they’ll be sure to mix in an ample measure. Just make sure to say that you’re “here for the Mayor”. (Words: Will Prince) 

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