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Places to go

Somewhere You Should Go… NOLA, Shoreditch

When I was at university I studied abroad for a semester in New Orleans so it has always been a place of amazing memories very close to my heart. So when I heard NOLA, a New Orleans style bar, was coming to Shoreditch I got excited dreaming of the  good…

Somewhere You Should Go… Vibe Affordable

I had the misfortune of growing up near an Ikea store so became well practised in giving stressed and disgruntled people directions there. But I’ve never been a massive fan or got its widespread appeal. Go into anyone’s homes and you’ll find the same sofas, vases and pictures strewn throughout.…

Somewhere you should go… Mama Shelter, Paris

‘A hipsters playground’ is probably among the many fitting taglines that have been bestowed upon the remarkable Mama Shelter, located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. Since 2008, the boutique hotel has earned a rep for being the edgy digs in arty quarters that effortlessly pulls in a likeminded, international…