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July 2013

Somewhere you should go… Open East Festival

A year ago, London shifted its focus east, to a remote strip of land near Stratford newly inhabited by shining stadiums and some of the world’s best athletes. Londoners joined people from around the world exploring the new park, unrecognisable from its industrialised past. Now that the medals have all…

What we’ve been up to… The Bengal Lancer

Finding a good curry is never easy. Despite it being one of the top cuisines in England, we are often served nothing like what you can find inside India. But, if you are on the hunt for some authentic cuisine, you might want to stumble into the Bengal Lancer. It…

Bad weather? Tune into a clever way of TV viewing

When the weather ain’t great – and being England, that’s hardly surprising – staying indoors with food, telly and flicks might be the only way to be adventurous. Well, nothing says adventure more than a bit of on-screen escapism – and judging from the number of people who’ve tuned into…

What we’ve been up to… Gromit Unleashed, Bristol

As much as we love to traipse around the capital, summertime usually throws up a few opportunities to venture further afield – so we didn’t hesitate to accept an invite last week to visit Bristol – one of the UK’s most creative cities, less than two hours away from London,…